So here’s the deal: I don’t get paid to run this blog. I came up with the idea for Youth Leaders Academy because I was in a situation where I had time on my hands and wanted to do something with my passion for and experience in youth ministry. Nobody asked me to, nobody is paying me to. I simply love doing this. But: I do have expenses and if possible, I would love to get those compensated by making money through affiliate programs and other things. That shouldn’t bother you, after all you won’t be the one paying me, right? But I do want you to know about the money-side of this blog, because money matters and trust matters even more.

I completely adher to the FTC’s ruling for bloggers, because I think it’s important bloggers should be honest and open about what they’re promoting and what they’re getting paid for. That way, readers know exactly what they’re getting. Being trustworthy is important for everyone, and maybe even more for Christians. I value my reputation and my testimony, so I’m doing it by the book here.

Here’s what you need to know about Youth Leaders Academy:

  • while I may make some money by linking to sites like Amazon (that’s what an affiliate program is, I get a really small amount every time someone buys a product through one of my links), I don’t endorse, review or promote products or services on behalf of anyone
  • if I receive a product or service from any person or company, I am still completely free in my review and opinion and am under no obligation to be ‘positive’ about it. I only accept ‘free’ products, I do not get paid to endorse or review anything
  • every contest and/or giveaway is sponsored and paid for by myself, unless otherwise stated
  • I am hooked up with several affiliate partner businesses and I won’t always mention a affiliate link every time. The choice is still yours however to purchase the product or not!
  • I won’t endorse any product or service I haven’t used or experienced myself and I only recommend stuff that I feel has value for you

So okay, that’s that. If you have any questions about this, just shoot me an email at rachel(at)youthleadersacademy.com

Last updated December 2014