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Book Review: Ministering to Gay Teenagers

Shawn Harrison has written the go-to guide for youth workers who want to learn more about ministering to gay teenagers. Written by someone who's been there and done that, Ministering to Gay Teenagers manages to hit exactly the right tone: compassionate yet informative. … [Read More...]

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Book Review: I Am Not A Slut

I Am Not a Slut should be required reading for anyone working with teenage girls, or students in general actually. It's an eye-opening look into the murky world of … [Read More...]

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5 Things NOT to Say to Hurting Teens

Pastoral conversations with teens require less skills than you might think. Listening really is the biggest skill you need. But at some point you may feel it's appropriate to say something, share some advice, or offer an encouragement. When you do, make … [Read More...]