Preaching for youth


One of the topics in youth ministry I’m very passionate about, is the topic of preaching. Soon after starting out in youth ministry as a volunteer, I discovered I had a gift for preaching. Not only did I love doing this, it became clear that I connected with the students when giving a message and my sermons had impact. It was awesome to realize God wanted to use me this way. Over the years, I have spoken at many youth services, retreats and ‘normal’ Sunday morning services.

In the series on ‘Preaching for youth’ on Youth Leaders Academy I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, in the hopes and prayers that you will become more and more effective at communicating with youth. Because I’m convinced that every sermon is an opportunity to reach students for Christ!

Here’s what I’ve written in the Preaching for Youth series so far:

  1. Preaching for Youth: What to Preach about
  2. Preaching for Youth: What’s your Key Message?
  3. Four risks of Making your Sermon too Practical
  4. Preaching for Youth: Sermon Language
  5. How Long should your Youth Sermon be?
  6. The Importance of Making your Youth Sermon Personal
  7. Preaching for youth: Using Stories in Your Sermon
  8. Keeping your audience’s attention: 8 things you can do in advance
  9. Keeping your audience’s attention: 5 things you can do while preaching
  10. Using personal testimonies in preaching
  11. How not to start a sermon: 8 starts to avoid
  12. Preaching for youth: the purpose of an introduction
  13. How to end your sermon well
  14. 6 powerful ways to end your sermon
  15. Tailoring your message to youth’s spiritual journey
  16. How to know if you have the gift of preaching
  17. Preaching for youth: how to find topics to preach on
  18. Do you preach the rules or the relationship?
  19. The role of prayer in sermon preparation
  20. How to prepare your sermon
  21. Altar calls for this postmodern generation of youth
  22. 6 reasons why I still write out my sermons
  23. What preaching seeker-sensitive is NOT
  24. Preaching for youth: How to be seeker-sensitive
  25. Preaching for youth: finding topics for sermons
  26. Preaching for youth: painting the bigger picture
  27. Finding your key message in a Bible passage
  28. How paragraphs can help you structure your sermon better
  29. Preaching for youth: the tone of your message
  30. What is the Gospel: preaching the Gospel
  31. 5 ways to discredit yourself as a speaker
  32. How to ‘read’ your audience
  33. Six crucial elements of a sticky message: simplicity
  34. Six crucial elements of a sticky message: unexpectedness
  35. Six crucial elements of a sticky message: concreteness
  36. Six crucial elements of a sticky message: credibility
  37. Six crucial elements of a sticky message: emotion
  38. Six crucial elements of a sticky message: stories
  39. What to do with your hands when you’re preaching
  40. 7 elements of an attractive sermon delivery
  41. 7 rhetorical devices to spice up your sermon
  42. Dealing with nerves when giving a talk
  43. Dealing with disruptions when giving a talk
  44. How to pray during a sermon
  45. 4 risks of repeated use of the same verses
  46. Captivating your audience by using your voice effectively
  47. Using your voice effectively to captivate your audience

Preaching for youth is a topic that’s very close to my heart. I believe in the power of effective Spirit-led preaching!

Upcoming topics include:

  1. Creating openness in your audience
  2. Body language
  3. Preaching from a mindmap
  4. Preaching for a postmodern generation
  5. Making beautiful transitions
  6. How to preach relational
  7. Being an effective preacher

and much more!

If you have any questions about preaching you’d like to see answered, just leave a comment here or at any post on Preaching for youth, and I’ll discuss it in a post. If you prefer, you can also shoot me an email via rachel (at) youthleadersacademy (dot) com.