How to write a youth ministry newsletter that people actually read

Person read newspaper

Keeping your students, the parents and the church up to date about what’s happening in your youth ministry is not an easy task. But it’s an important one. So here’s some solid advice on creating youth ministry newsletters that people will actually read.

Make it specific

Usually, it’s not a good idea to inform everyone with the same newsletter. The students in your youth ministry have different needs than their parents as far as info about events is concerned. That means you’ll have to define a target group: decide for whom you’ll be writing. In my former church, we had one weekly newsletter (in the form of an email) that went to all the youth, quarterly newsletters for our prayer support team and twice a year we made a newsletter for the entire church.

Make it attractive

Not all of us are super-duper handy when it comes to layout. Still, if you want your newsletter to be read, it’ll have to be more than a copied black-and-white letter stuffed with only text. It has to look good, invite people to read it. That means pictures, headlines, short articles, lots of white space (so it doesn’t look too intimidating) and use tables or lists whenever possible.

While I’ve always used fairly simple software to make nice newsletters (I hate to admit it what with being a Mac-fan and all, but MS Publisher was actually quite decent for this…), there are also specialized programs and even specialized companies that offer standardized youth ministry newsletters…at a cost, mind you. Or you could come up with your own very creative idea, like these guys did with their Twitter-style newsletter. [Read more…]