How much time do youth pastors spend preparing a sermon? [Poll]


Thom Rainer recently did an ‘unscientific’ research (as he called it) into how much time pastors take to prepare one sermon. The results were fascinating, but I don’t want to reveal them just yet because they might influence the voting in the poll I’d like you to participate in first.

I am very interested in how much time youth pastors spent preparing one sermon. Now, you may prepare more than one sermon a week, or combine a sermon and a small group study, but I’d like you to give your honest, best educated guess into how much time you spend preparing one youth sermon. [Read more…]

Two ideas for sermon outline templates


Do you have a more or less standard sermon outline that works for you? If not, you may find some much needed fresh inspiration in these two sermon outline templates.

1. Head-heart-hand

This sermon outline is based upon the importance of stories in a sermon and it’s fairly straightforward:

Story opening

Head: what some are thinking now

Heart: what God says we should think

Hands: what we should do

Story closing

(source: Artie Davis)

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How to give a ten minute sermon to youth

Nervous because you need to preach to youth for 10 minutes? No worries, we got you covered.

“I have to preach to youth for ten minutes”. This is another search term used to find my site this last week. It may be me, but I’m sensing a bit of panic in this statement. Like someone just now realizes he somehow got roped into giving a talk to the teens and he has no idea how to do this. But no worries, we got you covered. Here’s what to do.

Pick a short verse or passage

If you only have ten minutes, you’ll need to pick a short verse or passage from the Bible to discuss. Otherwise, the Bible reading would take half of your time. Also, don’t pick anything too complicated in terms of theology or context, because you won’t have the time to explain a whole lot.

Super focus on a key message

When you have so little time, it’s even more important to focus on a key message. What exactly do you want to say? What do you want to get across in these ten minutes? Make sure you have this crystal clear, so you’ll be on target all ten minutes.

Encourage or challenge

If you only have ten minutes for your sermon, you’ll need a key message that’s affirming, encouraging or at the most challenging. Don’t try to correct or admonish, because of the time constraints you can’t do this in a context of love and you’ll end up preaching the rules, not the relationship.

Nervous because you need to preach to youth for 10 minutes? No worries, we got you covered.

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