Youth Sermon Topics

I love speaking to students. But it’s not always easy to find fresh ideas for sermon topics. To help you out, here’s a bunch of youth sermon topics that I’ve used over the years. Take them, adapt them, add to them, make them completely your own! And don’t forget to change the title into something that speaks to students! I’ve kept them fairly topical to make it easier for you to browse through the topics.

1. 7 Youth Sermon Ideas from the OT

2. God keeps His Promises

3. Home is with God (Psalm 84)

4. 7 Youth Sermons Ideas from the NT

5. Love is a Choice (1 Corinthians 13)

6. Jephthah

7. 4 Youth Sermon Ideas from the Psalms

8. Why does God allow evil? (Job)

9. What is the truth? (John 14:1-7 and John 8:32)

10. Jesus is the Rock (Matthew 7:24-27)

11. Interactive youth sermon on Psalm 1